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Allah will provide for you, Allah will forget no one!

Dawood عليه اسلام used to ask Allah, O Allah, as you provide the chick of the crow, provide me.

When the chick of the crow hatches at the beginning it's white. Because it's white the parents abandon the chick because they get scared of them. From the start they are left alone, abandoned and have no one to feed them. Then Allah will send a worm to come in the beak of the chick. The reason the worms go there is because of the smell of the beak, in this case the chick starts eating them, eating them until he grows and he becomes black. Then the parents return. See how Allah sent those worms for the chick to eat! See how Allah provided for them!

Allah sent them worms to go there due to the smell of the beak, they stay there and the chick eats some of them until his feathers become dark, then the parents will come and start looking after him.

Dawood عليه السلام used to ask Allah:

O Allah, as you provided the provision for the chick of the crow, provide for me!

See, if you out your trust in Allah, Allah will feed you just like that. Even if you are sleeping what is yours will come to you! When Ibrahim عليه اسلام was commanded to leave Hajr and Ismaeel in the desert which contained nothing but a black stone, when she asked Ibrahim if Allah commanded him to leave her there, when she found out yes, she replied saying, then Allah will not let us down!

If you invoke Allah and implore Allah, similarly Allah will not let you down.

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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