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On the Judgement day Allah resurrects people, the Judgement Day is 50,000 years long, only after 50,000 years will all the judging amongst the people finish, that's only for the disbelievers and rebellious.

Some people they get resurrected from their grave and go directly to paradise.

Which one is better? To wait 50,000 years drowning in your own sweat, being extremely fearful, the heart choking on your own throat, no sleeping, no eating or drinking in those days, waiting 50,000 years or going directly from the grave to paradise?

But you have to be a believer, believe in the oneness of Allah is the first thing and the second is to forgive.

Whosoever forgives and reconciles, his reward is due from Allah alone. This is one category. The second category is those people who are patient in everything.

1. Patient when dealing with people.

2. Patience avoiding committing evil and during catastrophe.

3. And patient to do righteous deeds and in obeying Allah.

Patience in these three things.

The third category is to be from those people who show gratitude to Allah.

Allah gave us everything, the body, guidance, food, health etc. everything Allah bestowed upon us - we should show gratitude for it all.

These three main categories will go on the Judgement Day from the grave straight to paradise.

✨ No account will be asked of you today, enter paradise, no questions will be asked. ✨

Wait 50,000 years in difficulty, distress, thirst, hunger, sweat, just name it, or directly from the grave to paradise?

Those are the believers and them people who go to paradise, the believers, they seek for their children and family, to go with them.

The other category, the ones who are waiting for Judgement, they flee from their families! That day will the man flee from his brother, do you know how important the parents, brothers, sisters are in this life? On the Judgement Day they will flee from each other! They will even flee from their wives and offsprings as well, he will run away from them!

The other, the people of paradise, they will go there searching for their children, searching for their parents, relatives etc. to take them with them to paradise. And Allah will have their family to follow, because the righteous people, Allah will gather them and have them go with their family to paradise, 'no account will be asked of you today.'

See the generosity of Allah. That day everyone will have his own problem so he will not care about others! Even family! They will flee from all, even the parents, spouses and children! They don't want to see each other.

But people of paradise will gather with their families and they won't get separated. Allah will have the one in the lower degree follow the one in the upper degree. They never get separated, they go as a group to enter paradise.

See the difference!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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