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Is your heart a ruined heart?! {The Three Prophets}

This story WILL NOT touch a person's heart if they don't have one. If this story does not touch your heart you need to go look for a heart because your one is dead!

Imagine, envisage a tyrant government executing a toddler who is playing publicly and everyone is watching. What would happen? There would be an uproar, everyone would become furious no question about it.

That's exactly what happened when Musa عليه السلام accompanied Khidr عليه السلام and Yusha'. Three prophets! (Yusha عليه السلام went on to become a prophet later on).

They were walking one day and Khidr عليه السلام came upon a toddler who was playing, he grabbed him and chopped his head off.

Musa عليه السلام became furious. He was saying, you killed an innocent boy who never did anything etc. He was enraged at Khidr.

After a while Khidr told Musa, if this boy grew up he would have exceeded the limit in disbelief and committed apostasy. Not only that, not only would he have committed disbelief but he would have led his parents (who are believers currently) to it too! Then all three would have been destined for eternity in the hell fire in agony and torment.

Allah knows the unseen, He knows what's happened, what's happening and what's yet to occur. Allah knows everything! Allah wanted good for the family, eternal bliss, so he sent Khidr عليه السلام there, Allah wanted all three of them in paradise.

Khidr said, I did not do this on my own accord, Allah commanded me to do that. Allah knows, we do not know. Whatever happens to the believer is ALWAYS better for him!

Allah wants to grant the parents a better child, one that is merciful, good and dutiful to his parents!

Allah knows the secret of the heart and that which is yet more hidden. The secret comes after a certain time, but the secret in your heart, Allah already knows that as well as that which will come from it later on.

Take a moment to really comprehend this story, it's a consolation to your distressed soul and gives a peace of mind. If this story does not change your heart, you need to search for a new one, you have a ruined heart!!

A peace of mind is the mind the believer has. Imagine someone is following you and they want to kill you, you run to a fortified palace and close the door and you feel like bulwark in that building, secure and safe. That\'s the peace of mind. That's how your heart should be, completely reliant upon Allah.

Those who believe in the oneness of Allah and whose hearts rest in the remembrance of Allah, their hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest/ease.

Allah knows that which you do not know. Don't get sad over a matter, the outcome is far greater than what you perceive, whatever Allah decrees 'against' you it's always always always better for you!

Trust Allah, He knows best. Allah is the best of protectors and guardian, He is the best of trustee. Put your trust in Him.

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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