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Leave it for the sake of Allah!

Whosoever leaves something for the sake of Allah or gives for the sake of Allah, even half a date, Allah will reward him with something even better!

During the end of Aisha's life ( رضي الله عنها) she grew blind.

One day she heard a noise, she asked if an earthquake was taking place in Medina. They answered, no oh mother of the believers - what happened is the caravan of AbdulRahman Ibn Awf has reached Medina, with seven hundred camels loaded.

She said the hereafter is better! AbdulRahman Ibn Awf heard about this saying and he went to her. She told him the hereafter is always better than this life. He then left.

All the merchants in Medina came to get his stuff. They offered him double, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, even seven times more of his money and for each offer he said he has been offered more.

They said, all the merchants of Medina are here and we\'re offering you up to seven times more than your load! He said I got more, I have been offered ten times more. Who's he referring to? HE'S REFERRING TO ALLAH!

When you give something for the sake of Allah the very least you get is ten hasanaat. They asked, who gave you more than all of us, we are offering you seven times more the amount? AbdulRahman Ibn Awf said, I got ten folds, Allah offered me ten folds and this caravan and the load in it is given for the sake of Allah, it's all for the sake of Allah! All that load, seven hundred camels loaded is for the sake of Allah. And he distributed it to the poor people in Medina.

AbdulRahman was a merchant. He was so wealthy, one time he said, if I turned a stone I would find gold under it, that's how wealthy he was! He had a lot of money - he said if I turn a stone I will find gold under it.

He donated all the load on the seven hundred camels for the sake of Allah.

Then he went to the date market and he bought all the dates in the market.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, whosoever eats seven Ajwa dates in the early morning, no envy, no hasad, no magic, nothing will happen to him!

AbdulRahman bought all the dates in Medina and loaded the caravan and sent it to Iraq. He told the one in charge to narrate to them this Hadith (whosoever eats seven dates nothing will harm him...).

The caravan got into Iraq, Iraq had more dates than Medina and better ones too, but because of this Hadith the people started grabbing the camels with the dates on them, they want to buy it and he sold it all for a very high price! They grabbed ALL of the merchandise, AbdulRahman was able to sell it for a very very high price.

He made more than what he donated to the poor in Medina!

Give for the sake of Allah, you will always be rewarded more in this life and wha's awaiting you in the hereafter is much much more. The prophet said, if you give to charity even if it's half a date for the sake of Allah, Allah will take it into His hand and grow it into hasanaat until it becomes like the size of the mountain of Uhud. That's just half a date, imagine seven hundred loaded camels! AbdulRahman got his money and more in this life, imagine what's waiting for him in the hereafter!!!

Allah will give you in this life and more in the hereafter. Whosoever gives for the sake of Allah and withholds for the sake of Allah, and loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, he has the completion of faith!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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