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Our hearts are not as hard as mountains!

The good people, the believers, those who believe in the oneness of Allah, those who have good faith and good Aqidah - when they listen to the Qur'an their skin starts to shiver and their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah! Their hearts become soft and their skin starts shivering and they shake from it.

On top of that their eyes flow with tears. That is the good believers. You cry and weep when you listen to the verses.

But those with a hardness in their hearts, they do not ponder upon it, do not contemplate on it and their eyes remain dry! When you recite the Qur'an or hear it, it should make you shiver and cry all the time! If this Qur'an was sent upon a mountain, the mountain would have crumbled down, our hearts are not as hard as a mountain!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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