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Paradise with no accountability

The good people when they hear something, they take the good of it and they follow it - that is the good people.

They hear the (good) word and they follow it.

In Islam, a recompense for evil is evil likewise, it's your right to do the same thing.

There was a king during the time of Umar Ibn Al Khattab called جبله ابن الايهم, he was from Damascus and he wanted to become a Muslim, he was a king, imagine, just his soldiers, all of them had saddles made of gold - now imagine him! He came and he said to Umar رضي الله عنه he wants to convert, Umar said okay and explained some rules in Islam to him.

The king accepted Islam, he was a very rich man, the King's in those days had all the gold, they were surrounded with bodyguards and so on. Anyway, he converted. Whilst he was making Tawaf around the ka'bah a man stepped on his cloak. The king hit the man and broke his nose! This man went to Umar complaining, he said that a man (the king) smashed his face and broke his nose.

Okay so Umar called the king and told him that he has one of two choices:

1. To please the man (can give him some money or so to please him) and the man will drop his right

2. Or the man can smash his (the king's) nose as he did to him

The king said, I am a king and he is a street man, how are you comparing between us...?

Umar replied, Islam is not that way! Islam is not that way! Islam is just, we are commanded to administrate justice to our enemies and friends!

There was no other choice, so the king requested a few days in order for him to think about it. This king and his soldiers during the night fled and he apostated for that reason - he suffered all his life after that because of it. He was the last of the king's in Ghassanah.

Islam is that way, if you have a right you have a right, it doesn't matter who you are. Islam doesn't distinguish between the people, that's why Umar ordered that.

Recompense for evil is evil likewise, BUT whosoever forgives, reconciles and makes peace, he tolerates and he is forebearing, his reward is due from Allah, on the Judgement day an angel will cry and say, 'where are those whose reward is due from Allah? Let them rise/stand up.' Then a group of people will rise and Allah Himself will say, 'Go enter paradise, no question will be asked of you today, no account whatsoever.' The people who are waiting for the Judgement will ask them what they did to get that, they will reply, 'If we were oppressed, persecuted, intimidated, humiliated, we used to forgive and forbear.' This is why they were rewarded with Paradise with no questions asked!

The tale of this is, at the end he said:

'...but whosoever forgives and reconciles and makes peace his reward is due from Allah'.

Who doesn't want to enter Paradise? Entering Paradise without any questions, that is huge!

That's why you should forgive and tolerate, be good, this is the way.

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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