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Allah will change your condition, nothing is too much or too great for Allah, He changes things every single day, you don't know but He does!

Every single day you get up and see this happened here and that happened there, Allah will give honour to whom He wills, disgrace those whom He wills, He will make some people rich and some poor, some people will be born and others will die, some are cured and others fall sick - every single day Allah changes things!

كل يوم هو في شأن

Just make a looooot of duah! Allah will change things, you don't know!

Back in the days there was a man and they took this man for execution, in those days before they executed someone they would ask what they wanted. This man said he wanted a whole stuffed chicken i.e., with rice, spices etc. So it had to be prepared, cooked, brought to him and so on, the process can be quite long, it could take up to 3/4 hours.

They asked him, 'You're about to be executed and you want a stuffed chicken?!'

He replied to them, you don't know, by the time you make the stuffed chicken and cook it a lot of things can happen!

So they did that, do you know what happened? Before he got the chicken they told him the king had died and so he was released.

See the time, a lot of things can happen.

It's all easy for Allah, you don't know what will happen, trust Allah!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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