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The essence of this religion!

Duah is the essence of our religion, to ask Allah with firm determination, with good expectation of the outcome, firm determination and good expectations of the outcome!

What does that tell you?

Like whatever you ask, you want it, Allah will grant it, like you're determined Allah will grant you that. 

When you do that, when you ask Him with sincerity, with firm determination and ask Him so many times,

Allah will say, 'This is for my slave and my slave must have what he asked for.'

But you have to ask Allah with ALL, every inch of your body,  your body and your heart, your tongue and your eyes, everything. Especially when the person weeps before Allah, then Allah will grant him whatever he wants. 

What will Allah say to you when you ask Him so many times?

He will say that this is for my slave and my slave shall have what he asked for! 


...Just keep asking him, especially during prostration, because you are the nearest to Allah when you prostrate. Allah is the nearest to you in the last third part of the night. This is a combination, you're the nearest and closest to Allah when you prostrate, and Allah is nearest to you during the last third part of the night. This is two hadiths.

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله 

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