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Undo the knots of Shaaytan on you!

When every individual goes to sleep the Shaaytan comes on his nose, sleeps on his nose and he ties 3 knots. Every single person Allah created, the Shaaytan will come and do this to him.

On the first knot he will say, 'have a prolonged pleasurable night of sleep, relax with no stress.' 

  1. That's the first knot, if when he gets up he remembers Allah, he says anything to remember Allah, it will un-knot this one.

  2. The second knot will be undone by the ablution (wudu).

  3. The third knot will be undone by the prayer.

Then the person who does these three things will have a happy day, he will feel comfortable, joyful, and his heart will be relaxed - there will be complete happiness in him, his whole day will be a happy day and his heart will be purified.

On the contrary, the one who does not do them then evil will cover his heart and there will be no happiness for him, he will be distressed, sad, he will have difficulty and so on.

Imagine those who have neglected the prayer for years, how many knots have been tied upon them? Can they be considered human beings?!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله 

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