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You Have A Minimum Of Six Hours

There's an angel on your right side who writes all the good deeds you do.

There's an angel on your left side writing all the bad/evil deeds you commit.

When the person does a good deed the angel will write it right away, credit to your account straight away! However, if a believer commits a sin, the angel on the left will hold his hand for six hours before proceeding to write it. You know why? He's just waiting for the person to repent, If the person repented the angel won't write it down and if he does not repent one evil deed will be wrote down.

The angel will hold his hand for six hours! We don't know the six hours, we don't know if it's our six hours or even longer! But the hadith mentions, six hours the angel will hold the pen before he writes it down, why? Because the believer, if he repented it won't be wrote against him.

Six hours, the minimum time is like the six hours we know but in Allah's eyes it can be much more!

He will hold the pen for six hours! Look at all these opportunities Allah is giving you to repent and turn to Him, He wants good for you. Repent now, don't delay.

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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