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Make duah!

Be determined and know Allah will answer your duah!

Allah will answer your duah, Allah answers everybody, Allah even answers the disbelievers! There's a verse in the Qur’an, the disbelievers were in a boat, on a ship in the sea, waves surrounded them from all sides, they were almost about to drown. Then they made duah to Allah, believing in his oneness at that moment - Allah answered them and saved them. When they reached the shore, they returned to their disbelief. But Allah answered them because they implored Allah with sincerity believing in His oneness, however when they reached safety they returned back to their disbelief.

Don't let shaaytan fool you by making you believe Allah won't answer you, Allah answers everyone!

There's 3 ways in which Allah answers your duah:

  1. He grants you what you want

  2. He deters something bad which was going to happen to you

  3. You will find it in the book on the Day of Judgement as Hasanat (reward).

So never stop asking, there is no loss in asking Allah, just benefit upon benefit for you.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, whosoever is invoking, imploring, asking Allah for a thing, let him ask as much, much, much as he wants, because he is asking his Lord!

There is no limit for Allah - there is nothing too much or too great for Allah to give or grant.

Ask as much as you want, as much as you need, because you're asking your Lord and nothing is hard for Him سبحانه و تعالى … see how generous Allah is!

- Shaykh Musa Jibril حفظه الله

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